I Made This For A Friend A Decade Ago

Blizzard Player Name In 3d

No, this article won´t be about the developer called Blizzard. I am just going through my folders and do look for video material, photos or even other creative things I created. I work with 3d applications sometimes, I wouldn´t say that I am expert but I have some basic maybe even intermediate experience with 3d tools.

The image above is my work and I created the scene with Cinema 4d a decade ago or so. A friend asked me if I could create an image, for his player name he used in games. His player name or nickname was “Blizzard” and I can remember we played a cool browser game at that time, and we could even upload images to our profile pages there. This is why I made some images for my friends and also for me.

It´s cool if you find older things in your folders, I mean images that you created a decade ago. Having a 3d text as player name is so 90´s! 😀 I am not that happy with my old images but this one here is not too bad. I´ll save it on my blog here.

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