Rock Balancing

I found those stones at the Baltic Sea while walking along the Brodtener Ufer steep coast (click the link because it’s such a nice place). Before that, I’ve never known that this is an actual activity. It’s called rock balancing as I have learned later. This place was full of balanced rocks. I wasn’t sure why they were all in one place. I still have other photos. Maybe it’s where some people meet to do this activity or someone went nuts and couldn’t stop balancing stones (lol). Maybe it was a Monk, we will never know. All I know is … Continue reading Rock Balancing

How To Save Money On Games With Steam

If you are gamer, I probably do not have to explain what Steam is. But what many don´t know, is that you can save a lot of money on Steam if you are looking for particular games and everything you need is patience. With saving money, I mean you can get games up to 75% or more off. On this way I got a massive amount of original games I could instantly download. To be honest, I have so much games that I didn´t even play them all and my hard drive does not even have enough space to download … Continue reading How To Save Money On Games With Steam

I purchased new hardware

I saved some money and purchased a Corsair TX 650 Watt Power Supply and a Gainward Geforce GTX 570 Phantom. So at the moment I wait for the parcel service and I hope he comes soon. I am just a bit excited and I hate waiting 😀 I think I need this new hardware for Battlefield 3 but it is also good so that my computer is a bit more up to date now. So now I start to save money for a new motherboard, RAM, and CPU. But I think this will take some months so that I can … Continue reading I purchased new hardware