Cats Love Mobile Games Too

Kotaku posted something that got my attention. They shared a video from YouTube where cats play a game called Fruit Ninja on tablets. It is basically a game where you can slice fruits. Agree, that does sound boring but for cats it must be a lot of fun. That´s at least how it looks like… (Edit: I added another interesting video to my post as the old one disappeared)

I know there are even mobile games or let me say tablet games, that are specifically developed for cats. Fruit Ninja is not one of these games but I saw other games with some interested cats on YouTube a while ago. If you ask me,… Yes if I would have two tablets, I would show my cats some games too. But I do not have a tablet and if I would have one, I would let my cat only play with a second older one. I know there are ways to protect the tablet but I wouldn´t trust in it. But with a disused tablet, it shouldn´t be a problem, I guess. Too sad that I can´t show my cat some games. Did your cat ever play games on a tablet?

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