Cats Love Mobile Games Too

Kotaku posted something that got my attention. They shared a video from YouTube where cats play a game called Fruit Ninja on tablets. It is basically a game where you can slice fruits. Agree, that does sound boring but for cats it must be a lot of fun. That´s at least how it looks like… (Edit: I added another interesting video to my post as the old one disappeared) I know there are even mobile games or let me say tablet games, that are specifically developed for cats. Fruit Ninja is not one of these games but I saw other … Continue reading Cats Love Mobile Games Too

Google Googles The Visual Search Tool App

Google offers a nifty visual search tool app. You can basically take photos with the app and the app will show you results related to your photo. It´s simply “Searching by taking a picture” and the app will provide you useful information’s as long as long as it is in Google’s database. The app is called “Google Googles” and is available for Android and iOS user will only need the Google Search app where you can choose to search by text or with a photo. The app can also read barcodes to fetch product information or a QR code to … Continue reading Google Googles The Visual Search Tool App

Started to take a look into Android Development…

I mentioned it already in my last post but I didn´t go into detail as the reason for the last article was a different one. But let me go into detail now… I did read a lot about Android App Development last days. I started reading because I have an idea for a small but cool application, which I would like to create. I asked in some Android Development Communities where I should start and if my idea would be a realistic goal for a beginner in Android development. I got many answers and some experts said that my idea … Continue reading Started to take a look into Android Development…

Abandoned Place in Thuringia

I found one photo in the folders of my computer and it was not a good looking photo but I thought I do edit it a bit. And I do believe the result is amazing. What do you think? I edited the image with an android app called “pixlr o’matic” on my Smart Phone. It´s a small app and you can´t compare it with Photoshop. However, the results of the nifty app is sometimes suprising. It is possible to choose between differend layers, lights and frames. It is fun to play with. The photo is made in Thuringia, as the … Continue reading Abandoned Place in Thuringia

I bought a Smartphone

This is really not an interesting blogpost. In fact it is just a test. I bought an android Smartphone. I bought the Sony Xperia P. I also downloaded an android WordPress app which I test in this moment. Thats why this blogpost isnt interesting. But its interesting what is possible today or? Oh this message took me many minutes! Still cant write fast with the Smartphone 🙂 Continue reading I bought a Smartphone