Rotating the Android Emulator Display in Eclipse…

Just a small note for myself and for those who might ask Google for the same question. I started to learn Android app development today and created my first small app. I did setup the app so that it runs in widescreen mode. I did add android:screenOrientation=”landscape” in all the activity sections of my AndroidManifest.xml file to achieve this.

After starting my app, I noticed that the code would work but the problem was that the Android emulator display would be still upright and not in widescreen or landscape format. But as said the app was really running overhead. So, I asked my self how I could now rotate the Eclipse and Android emulator screen and asked someone who gave me the answer. The display of the Android emulator can be switched between the modes and you need to press Ctrl+12 to rotate the screen. If you press Ctrl+12 again, it will switch to the other display mode back.

Maybe it helps someone who finds my blog after asking Google the same question.


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