Started to take a look into Android Development…

I mentioned it already in my last post but I didn´t go into detail as the reason for the last article was a different one. But let me go into detail now…

I did read a lot about Android App Development last days. I started reading because I have an idea for a small but cool application, which I would like to create. I asked in some Android Development Communities where I should start and if my idea would be a realistic goal for a beginner in Android development. I got many answers and some experts said that my idea is great for the beginning and pretty basic and nice to start with.

The friendly people there gave me some pretty cool links and I went through all of them. It was a lot but I really like to read and I also do like to learn new things, especially if it is a subject which allows me to get even more creative. I told them that I started to learn a little bit about the QBasic language 20 years ago and that a friend brought me to Visual Basic later on and that I never became an expert in that area. I also told them that I have some experience with LSL (Linden Scripting Language) from Second Life which is a C based scripting language. But as said I am no expert in any of the languages. But they said that this experience would give me a good start anyway.

Well, the people in the community were encouraging and I thought “Let´s see if I can learn something new”. And that is what I tried the last days. I did read a lot and I installed the whole enviroment I need to start coding. This link was a good starting point. I downloaded and installed the Android SDK and the ADT plugin. And well, for sure I had to read through further links.

So, the question is still open. Why do I do all that? I have already many creative interests as some of you know, but I really still love to check out new worlds. And as said, there was this idea about an Android app in my head. Is the app secret? For sure, as I can´t even promise if the app ever will get released. I just started and it might be that I give up. Will be one of these pointless joke apps? No! The app will be useful and for some people even beneficial. As said, if the app ever gets finished and I really can´t promise that, ha ha.

Can I reveal more information’s? Well, maybe I will do if things go well. But till then all I can say is that the app will be related to cats. So, let´s see how far I can go without headache and surrender.

2 thoughts on “Started to take a look into Android Development…

  1. hello, I also develop android apps, I believe like any programming languages, you need to keep trying till you obtain your results. The easy/quick way to develop app is with web technologies: in HTML5 + use phonegap (to get apk file) but native android development is for best quality. good luck;)

    1. I didn´t hear about phonegap yet but I will read about it. It was already fun to play with Android SDK and ADT plugin yesterday. The emulator made some trouble when I wanted to install the “Hello World” app on it, but anyhow I managed it when I created a new emulator. I found a great tutorial which shows a beginner app and I will try to create this app the comming days. It seems to be fun, I am just not sure if there is room for another time consuming hobby like Android development 😀 I play already guitar, there is the photography and photoshop. But I will see 🙂 Thanks for your comment.

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