Google Googles The Visual Search Tool App

Google offers a nifty visual search tool app. You can basically take photos with the app and the app will show you results related to your photo. It´s simply “Searching by taking a picture” and the app will provide you useful information’s as long as long as it is in Google’s database.

The app is called “Google Googles” and is available for Android and iOS user will only need the Google Search app where you can choose to search by text or with a photo.

The app can also read barcodes to fetch product information or a QR code to extract the information for you and it can read English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish, and can even translate it into other languages if you like. The app knows famous landmarks and images and you can even use it to scan a text. It can find information’s if you take a photo of paintings, books, DVDs, CDs or other product and more. It can simply give you a lot of information’s on any 2D image as they say.

I think this is a nice idea and a useful app. Pretty nifty!

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