How To Identify Different Fonts And The Font Names With A Font Finder Tool

Typography is the art and technique of creating and arranging styles of letters, types or fonts how we would say today. To find out more about this art, read the Wiki article about this skill. But I mention this just as an introduction. There so many different fonts we can use for our projects. There are so many different font styles and sometimes we see a website, an image or logo where the text message is written in a special font style we like. But what if we like it so much that we would like to download or purchase the same font to use it for our own projects? What if we ask us “What font is this?”. How can we find out the font name? Well, we will need something like a font finder or let me call it font search. I was several time in this situation and I will tell you now how you can find the font name even if you just have an image or a web address where the font was used.

It is really not difficult. It is rather easy to identify that font you found anywhere on a website, image or logo in the internet or wherever. MyFonts for example does offer a nice tool which will help you to identify the name of the font. They call their tool WhatTheFont and you might want to check this out. All we need is either an image (maybe a screenshot we took) with a text written with the font style we like or a URL where the font is used. That means you can either submit an image to the font finder on the website of MyFonts or you can submit a web address where the font is used. The font search tool of MyFonts will do the rest to help you identify the font. This is really all you have to do and it works just perfect. That´s how I did it all the time, when I did need to identify any font. Hope this will help you too.

There are by the way also other websites where you can find similar tools but MyFonts worked most of the time for me so that I really suggest to use the font finder there and there was no case that it wouldn´t give me the font name. I usually use the image upload method which works great. It is in my opinion really a good font identifier tool. Check it out, it might help you too to find the font name you search.

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