5 People And One Opinion About Call of Duty vs. Battlefield… The Culture Shock…

Ok we knew it and this is the reason why we rather played the Battlefield series all the years. But as mentioned, it started with a joke yesterday and then we bought one game of the Call of Duty series. We downloaded the Call of Duty game yesterday but we didn´t have anymore time to take a first look into the game.

Today we did. We met again on our voice server and thought “Let´s play a round Call of Duty Black Ops II?”. We played the game for over two hours and the best description for our all feelings was the word “culture shock” which we used pretty often today. Five people and all the same opinion. Call of Duty is a crap game if you are rather used to the Battlefield series. Our conclusion is as following… never make jokes about money. Even if we just paid 20 Euro for Call of Duty Black Ops II… it is still an expansive lesson we had to learn.

Where should I start? The whole usability and structure of the game menu is horrible and enough for a first shock. One friend said “That all looks like a console game menu”. Another friend asked “Where to hell is the server browser?”. As you can see, there we noticed already the first signs of our culture shock. It simply does not look like PC game menu.

But we all did set up our controls and graphics to just start a game. We did so and the first thing we noticed is that the graphics of the game looks “Hmm huh, ugly?” or “Childish?”. Then just some minutes later another friend laughed and said “Wow mates, I reached already the next level even if I didn´t killed any enemy player!”. We answered “Cool mate, this game seems to follow the actual and hilarious trend of easiness and reward!”. Next problem, we all noticed that the responsiveness of the movement or character control is horrible, while we thought that the Netcode feels much more fluid than in Battlefield. We also thought that you could die much faster in Call of Duty and we all liked that kind of weapon damage. But then we said that the weapons seems to spray much more so that you sometimes get the impression that you don´t even have to aim right in Call of Duty. But the sludgy responsiveness while controlling your character was a really horrible experience.

I bet I didn´t mention everything here that we talked about. I remind that we laughed about the scale of different in-game objects. How can an aircraft be just in the size of a car? A friend laughed and said that the game designer must have been either on drugs or they must be fans of Alice in Wonderland. But two hours gaming and several very fast rounds, we decided this is not a game we could enjoy a second more. We did hit the de-install button and learned from this 20 Euro lesson.

A friend mentioned funnily that the only advantage of this experience would be that we would now rant less about Battlefield in the future. I think he is right, if Battlefield wouldn´t have so much technical issues.

We all play since almost two decades together and there was a time when we even played Call of Duty games. In fact, we played the first game of the series and the expansion. The game was just called Call of Duty and the expansion United Offensive. We had so much fun at that time and it was an awesome game. We also played Call of Duty 2 but we didn´t like this game that much as the predecessor. It was rather so that we did stop to play anytime when we played Call of Duty 2. All the future Call of Duty games didn´t impress us as Call of Duty 1, so that we someday stopped to follow the Call of Duty series. Now that we took a look again, we can say that this game series does not fit to our taste and it probably never will so again. But good that we take all this with humor. We still had a lot of fun together and laughed a lot.

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