Telecaster Love

When I purchased my Fender Standard Telecaster, I did that because I still wanted to try out something new with a portion of my savings. I played on different Telecaster guitars in the past. In guitar stores for example, but I don’t think that you can develop a relation with a guitar if you grab one for let’s say 15 minutes. You also can’t see what makes that guitar special. If I got an impression, then it was that I thought they are niche guitars, mainly because they sound bright, and twangy as many people say. When I purchased mine, … Continue reading Telecaster Love

Headache From Learning, Trying To Understand C#

I am right now in the mood to write one of these diary entries. If you see the screenshot on top of my words, this is a small and very basic program written in the programming language C#, and all it does is showing the text message “Hello World” in the windows console. It’s one of the simplest things you can do with a programming language, and that’s how programming courses often start. You need to start somewhere, and often they use this small example to explain the basic structure of a program, until you get into more advances stuff. … Continue reading Headache From Learning, Trying To Understand C#

Contact With The Outside

So, here is a world premiere, but more about this if you read on. Apart from transport boxes or windows in my apartment, my cat didn’t know the outside as she always has been a house cat. But now that I am at my uncle’s house for a while again, and due to the fact that there is a terrace, I wanted to show her the outside. Today was a sunny day, there was boredom, and I thought I do her something good and I showed her the terrace. I always planned something like this, if it wouldn’t have happened … Continue reading Contact With The Outside

Daily Prompt: We Got the Beat

The Daily Prompt asks “Have you ever played in a band?” and I can answer this with a yes. As a guitarist since many years, I was a member of bands when I was younger and it has been an interesting but also a shady and shabby experience. It was not only about music but also about alcohol and drug experiments. I think we were some people that I wouldn´t suggest to imitate. It was still fun, but an experience I learned from. Our music was not too bad, but we didn´t focus enough on the music but more on … Continue reading Daily Prompt: We Got the Beat

5 People And One Opinion About Call of Duty vs. Battlefield… The Culture Shock…

Ok we knew it and this is the reason why we rather played the Battlefield series all the years. But as mentioned, it started with a joke yesterday and then we bought one game of the Call of Duty series. We downloaded the Call of Duty game yesterday but we didn´t have anymore time to take a first look into the game. Today we did. We met again on our voice server and thought “Let´s play a round Call of Duty Black Ops II?”. We played the game for over two hours and the best description for our all feelings … Continue reading 5 People And One Opinion About Call of Duty vs. Battlefield… The Culture Shock…