Call Of Duty Black Ops II Uncut And Nuketown 2025 Purchase On Impulse

Things on impulse can be fun. Today my friends and me met each other on our Teamspeak voice server to play Battlefield 4 and China Rising. But this game provokes us more and more. It could be such a good game, you know? But it is still a broken game. A friend and me, we got several disconnects, another friend couldn´t even join as the server we all were playing on allegedly wouldn´t exist. And finally we could play with each other but then we were provoked by the still horrible Netcode. It is sporadically and the next second not due to all the problems. It´s horrible. But even if it´s horrible, we laughed a lot. This is usually the time when we become ridiculous and make a lot of jokes.

And it started with a joke. We always said that this Battlefield series becomes more and more a copy of Call of Duty. But then a second later a friend said “Well, if it´s like Call of Duty, why don´t we buy Call of Duty to check out if there are less problems?”. One friend mentioned that he dislikes Call of Duty Ghosts and he added that he own Call of Duty Black Ops II. We checked out if we could save some money and found an online shop where we got it for 20 Euro (26 US Dollar) with a Steam Key. It was first a joke but then we simply bought Call of Duty Black Ops II. I am always amazed about the spontaneity of my friends and me and about our black humor.

We made a lot of more jokes as a friend had trouble to find his Steam Key which he purchases in his email folders. Then he had trouble to find the login names of his old forgotten Steam account. And there were a few other problems and our sayings did irritate him even more but he has humor as well, so that we all laughed until I got tears in my eyes. I like to hang around with my friends in the evening on our Teamspeak server. It´s a hell of fun, really.

So know I have stomach-ache as I simply laughed too much and of course I am now owner of Call of Duty Black Ops II and Nuketown 2025. By the way, I don´t even know what kind of content this Nuketown 2025 offers but we will see next days when we play it online.

This was a great evening with friends.

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