Battlefield Ultimate, The Battlefield Game That Would Blow Your Mind…

You came here to read about the game Battlefield but let me first dig into another game. You might laugh when I come up with this comparison but you know what is so great about World of Warcraft the massively multiplayer online game? Well, there are several reasons why someone could say this game was so great or why it is still great for so many people. But I want to tell you one of the facts that I like about World of Warcraft… It is one game enviroment, one piece of software that gets extended through free updates or with purchasable expansions and huge chunks of new content and gameplay fun every now and then too. The game world became bigger and bigger. And not only that, because the code I mean the game and for sure the graphics have been improved and changed over time too. That means Blizzard did put more in than they abandoned. Looks like their game, their whole code and system is expandable and they can build up on it and improve it.

Now you have it. That´s what I meant with “one of the things I like about World of Warcraft”. Now image EA and DICE would have a similar concept? In fact they have it already with their DLC concept. Most of the Battlefield games of the series got enhanced and extended on this way, you could say. But there is one problem in their concept (from a customer’s point of view). I could now talk about every Battlefield game but let´s take Battlefield 3 as an example. We played Battlefield 3 and got some content expansions in form of DLC´s until they released Battlefield 4 and now we go through the same process until they release Battlefield 5. But this process didn´t start with Battlefield 3, it started earlier as there are more Battlefield games than I mentioned right now.

Why does content matter? Well, if you have the choice between two games and you know both offer great gameplay experience but the one game has only two maps and the other was released with over ten maps, which one will you choose? The game with over ten maps? Well, then you maybe think like I do. Now take all maps of the whole Battlefield series and put it in one game, Battlefield Ultimate is born. And should I mentioned that we just talked about maps right now? What about weapons and vehicles? Any other ideas?

It would be a massive amount of content. Right, you could now say that someone just can´t simply port a Battlefield 2 (Refractor 2 engine) map over to a new Battlefield engine (maybe Frostbyte 4 in the future?) due to a higher number of polygons in the new engine for example. But aren´t there saving opportunities when they would work on remakes of maps and so only? Oh wait, you want to see the engine and graphics improved too and you wait already for Battlefield 5 therefore. Now I say, if Blizzard can do this with World of Warcraft, why should it be impossible for DICE? Is it not possible to improve parts of the engine over time, let me say every two or three years for example? Blizzard did exactly this. They improved texture and the water looks much better today and they actually work on new character models as well and we still talk about one game here. We don´t talk about World of Warcraft 2… no we talk about World of Warcraft. I think it is possible.

Can you image how much fun it would be to play on a Battlefield mixed mode and mixed map server if there would be several gameplay modes and tons of maps? Friends and me talked about this scenario and we all said this would be a massive amount of fun and it would never become boring again.

Wait you mean EA would not like to make HD remakes of so many maps as it would just cost and as they would not earn anything? But they could sell them all through DLC´s and they could even think about monthly fee for the access to the Battlefield Ultimate as this is the way Blizzard did it. World of Warcraft is a great example as a successful game with fees for many years. The huge amount of new content which their users get again and again, makes so many players of WoW think that the fee is ok. They have no problem with it. The fees are just an example, but I think economically seen there are possibilities and I bet there are also possibilities to create an expandable engine where components could be replaced and improved. Again, there are already games where it works and it could work here too. I really loved the idea when I talked about it with friends and they were amazed about the thoughts as well.

You think all the maps, the vehicles and weapons would not fit together? I see balancing issues as well when we talk about weapons and vehicles. But I don´t see much of a problem with the maps. They simply need to make HD remakes of all the maps and we know that they did this already in the case of a few maps so that it seem´s possible. They could integrate different scenario modes when we talk about the weapons and vehicles again. Why not choose to play Strike at Karkand either with old weapon and vehicles or with modern warfare weapons? Even that would be possible to integrate. They could even make a fun mode where every weapon is allowed. I think there are possibilities you can come up with if you are creative. They could even create and add new ones to add the to the game. Everything is possible.

Battlefield Ultimate… it would not only be a Battlefield game for people who love nostalgia. It could be a game for everyone. This was a mind game my friends and me had the days. I really wanted to write about it. Would you like such a Battlefield Ultimate concept?

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Battlefield Ultimate, The Battlefield Game That Would Blow Your Mind…

  1. My first experience with BF was with the 360 with modern combat. But I become addict seriously with Bad Company and its Gold Rush mode. I did stop playing when I reached 25000 kills… It was time for come back to the real life… But man I had so much excitement with this « program » (I don’t like to say game because it was much closer to simulation ). I still have a lot of good memories about the game, like if it was an alternate life.

    1. I started in the early days with Battlefield 1942 and I guess I played them all but not Bad Company. Anyway I know what you mean. My friends and me played the series like hell and sometimes too much as well until we became older 😀 Today we really have a nice gaming rythm. Usually one or two days on the weekend. I understand your nostalgia. 🙂

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