The title is a portmanteau I thought out. I think my Stratocaster looks delicious, and if it would be a cake, I’d take a bite. But now enough praising. I like to take pictures of things, this also includes guitars. For the curious guitarists, this is a Fender Classic Series 50’s Stratocaster. I shot the photo near my PC desk where I can control the light with my RGB tape. And I liked it how different colors made the scene and the coating of the guitar look different. It’s actually a green guitar, but the RGB behind the desk was … Continue reading Stratlicious

Daily Prompt: Earworm

I just listening to the Cat Fish Blues (Jimi Hendrix Version) but covered by Steve Webb & EXP, which seems to be a Hendrix Tribute Band. I must say that Steve has captured that killer Hendrix live sound like no other person. If it would be a mp3 and not a video, I would have thought it is Jimi Hendrix. No joke. The version above is simply fantastic like all other Steve Webb & EXP covers I found on YouTube. If you love that special Hendrix killing guitar sound and those great licks, you should check out these guys. In … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Earworm