My Stratocaster

Fender Classic Series 50’s Stratocaster

I just found this photo in my library and while I already uploaded photos of that guitar in the past, it would be a waste to delete additional photos I have. This guitar is a Fender Classic Series 50’s Stratocaster and the color of it is called surf green. Some of you might already have seen the video but for others who have not and who are wondering how the guitar sounds like, here is a video I recorded while playing the guitar…

8 thoughts on “My Stratocaster

  1. I’ve seen the video before, you play really well, Dennis! I thought the guitar looks a little older by looking at the neck. I thought the color of the body was pink, I’m very colorblind!

    1. Thank you John. The guitar was built around 2010-2011 according to the serial number, so, it already has some years. I got it used for a good price. The neck tan really looks cool, not sure if it was like that from the beginning or if the color aged over time which happens too… in the photo you see the original neck color, in the video it’s brighter because I desaturated the video.

      Talking about the body of the guitar and your colorblindness… I know what you mean. I have Red Green weakness, although it’s more of an issue with tiny things in my case. But with tiny objects, I sometimes see different things than green or red, or I don’t see the red or green at all… especially red is an issue. In computer games, I sometimes just don’t make out red indicators. Fortunately, many games offer the option to change interface colors and so on.

      1. I see, it’s occasionally tough to be colorblind. My ex had to match socks and ties for me! I thought the guitar was much older, sorry. I wish I knew how to work with videos!

        1. No problem. Today they often remake the guitars from the old times as the specs have changed each decade and often even each year. That’s also why like in my case, the guitar is called Classic Series 50’s Stratocaster…. basically classic series, a remake of a certain 50’s Stratocaster guitar with the exact same specs. They also do 60’s Strat remakes and stuff and since they varied even within the decades, they always come up with new ideas to create a new series. It would be cool to own the original ones from old times but they are now collector guitars and unaffordable, and in many cases probably unplayable unless they’re restored. With the newer remakes, it’s cool that they also often age them to a certain degree… this can be seen with the pickup (electronic) covers or knobs in my photo… they look dark, like aged. Or with the neck… it’s definitely a trend to make those classic series also look like they aged. In some cases it’s done right, like with my Stratocaster… looks cool. And since time will do additional work, it might even look cooler in the future. In other cases it can also be overdone and cringy.

  2. Gad! f that were the original thing, you could think about selling it for a small fortune… or insuring it and keeping it in a safe place! I enjoyed the video, incidentally, a lovely almost pastoral that matched my very early morning mood. You do your guitar honor, Dennis!

    1. Thank you Dough, I enjoy the guitar and it often inspires me. Yes, the original 50’s and 60’s go for hefty sums today. But you’re right, if it would be one of those collector guitars, I’d probably would have to insure it and keep it in a guitar case. That’s the fun thing about those classic series guitars, they’re basically like the old ones with the same specs but reissued and you don’t have to worry like you probably would with the collector guitars of old times. I’m glad the guitar video did fit your morning mood 🙂

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