Schlitzohr Again

Schlitzohr is hungry

Today we wanted to cycle to the garden of my mother and her husband. Basically, so that my grand cousin can play in garden because we have some cool things for her set up but that’s another topic. This post here is more about Schlitzohr again, the cat that sometimes stops by in the garden. She stopped by today too and I haven’t had my camera with me, thus, I took some photos with my phone. I thought I share one with you. The husband of my mother provides cat food and Schlitzohr is thankful as you can see. I was kinda surprised that I could get that close with the phone, but honestly, I know how to sneak up on a cat in slowmotion (laugh) so that they don’t run away.

6 thoughts on “Schlitzohr Again

    1. True. The husband of my mother spends time in the garden the entire year, thus the cat was more used to him than to us. But this summer, we’ve already been there several times too and it seems like the cat just got used to us. Still, if you move too quickly, she runs away… but well, most cats do.

      Yes, I love the black and white pattern with the white boots and the white bib. 🙂

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