A Nighthawk And A Cat Photo

Currently, I make use of an alternative sleep pattern. It’s intentional at the moment and I am alternating between sleep and duties or tasks to have a bit of power leftover in the night for myself. It’s not just that I generally love nights, I can be really productive during that time, it’s also that we just got the summer heatwave. It’s insanely hot at the moment. It’s not much better when the night starts but late at night it gradually becomes a little better. When the morning comes near, you finally can refresh with opened windows. So, I take that chance and enjoy a bit of that time, then I do some productivity or the other way around and after that I go sleep.

It’s easier to get things done when it’s not humid anymore, as same as it is easier to fall asleep during that time, at least when you can be that flexible. Fortunately, I can do that. I have some duties but it doesn’t really matter when it’s done, it only matters that it’s done by the deadline. Currently, I am sleeping from morning to noon or from noon to early afternoon. As long as I am fit in the afternoon, it’s ok for me because that’s the time where I take care of my grand cousin because I really like to spend time with her, playing or teaching her things and it also helps my mother who is currently her foster mother.

Anyway, being awake at night right now, I thought I do something for my blog and share a photo of my cat that I edited this hour…



10 thoughts on “A Nighthawk And A Cat Photo

  1. That’s definitely a “I see something yummy to eat flying around in the night air” look on you kitty’s face. Love the photo! One nice thing about tuxedo cats, they photograph well in a wide variety of light conditions and black & white or color shots work equally well! My kitty boy, Andrew, has a tuxedo kitty visitor at night. I leave the door open so they can visit. I hope I can catch a photo of their visit some cay but the tuxedo kitty is really shy.

    1. You’re absolutely right, she was looking for a moth when I shot that photo. 🙂 True, about the photography and light aspect… same for the background, if it’s too dark, the white fur will be the contrast, if the background is too bright, the black is contrast enough to set the cat apart from the background. Fun that you have a tuxedo visitor, I hope you get that shot some day 🙂

      1. There used to be a tuxedo that terrorized Andy and Dougy, but this video shows that when “Taco” visited on day when I was ready with my camera. He was a feral cat that was kind of a neighborhood pet people looked out for with shelter and food.

    1. I’ve always been amazed, no matter if my shedule is indended or a pathological phase again, she just goes with it. She goes sleeping when I go sleep, she wakes up when I wake up. Apart from that, she takes the usual short cat naps acorss the day or night. I do sometimes admire her for that ability to adjust. But I guess that’s how cats are, they have that sleep knob they can push.

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