Half And Half: Heaven And Water Divided By Industrial Architecture

Trave River And Industrial Area In Lübeck

I shot the photo in this post a few weeks ago when I walked a long march to the Schellbruch in Lübeck. Before I arrived, I had to walk along the Trave River and through the industrial area you see in the photo. To be honest, this is a photo I find very attractive.

I know, self-praise is no recommendation, but there is so much blue going on in the image that I simply love this scene, there is something I love about this image, it’s all the blue. I also like how the warehouse does cut the heaven and the water in half, I like the line.

For this reason I do think the photo fits nicely to the recent photo challenge with the prompt Half and Half where we can share our interpretation. I went for the idea with the two clear halves, literally or figuratively, a composition, with an explicit dividing line.

There are some other things going on in the photo that I find interesting. I like the reflections in the water. It also has a touch of both, urban photography and nature photography, the blend is interesting. But as said, I think the colours strike me the most.

6 thoughts on “Half And Half: Heaven And Water Divided By Industrial Architecture

    1. Something of this place made me want to take a photo, I am happy I did. I love both the colours and the composition, I am glad you like it too 🙂

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