Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting

I forgot to participate in the last photo challenges because it seems they moved the day from Friday to Wednesday. Also I was quite a bit lazy over the last months and followed other hobbies like PC gaming. Anyway, I thought I participate again. This time the challenge is about reflection again, this seems to be a theme once in a year. During one of my hikes in the past, I saw a silver ball on a table at a front yard of a house and shot the photo in this post. I had no real reason to upload it, … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge theme is “Mirror“, and that’s a cool theme because reflections comes to my mind when I think about mirrors. I pretty much love reflections, especially in photography, and everything with a reflecting surface is attractive, that includes the water surface. I shot quite a lot of photos where you can find reflections, but I want to participate with one special photo that I like pretty much. One morning I was hiking along the Trave River close to the historic district of Lübeck, and then I noticed one of the hotels on the other side of … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

Half And Half: Heaven And Water Divided By Industrial Architecture

I shot the photo in this post a few weeks ago when I walked a long march to the Schellbruch in Lübeck. Before I arrived, I had to walk along the Trave River and through the industrial area you see in the photo. To be honest, this is a photo I find very attractive. I know, self-praise is no recommendation, but there is so much blue going on in the image that I simply love this scene, there is something I love about this image, it’s all the blue. I also like how the warehouse does cut the heaven and … Continue reading Half And Half: Heaven And Water Divided By Industrial Architecture

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

This photo is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge Reflection. I usually would say it is a bad image as I shot directly into the direction of the sun but the sun reflection on the water looks somewhat cool as effect. It fits at least to the recent challenge. I took the image when we were on the River in Salem last year. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections