Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

Radisson Blu Senator Hotel Lübeck

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge theme is “Mirror“, and that’s a cool theme because reflections comes to my mind when I think about mirrors. I pretty much love reflections, especially in photography, and everything with a reflecting surface is attractive, that includes the water surface. I shot quite a lot of photos where you can find reflections, but I want to participate with one special photo that I like pretty much. One morning I was hiking along the Trave River close to the historic district of Lübeck, and then I noticed one of the hotels on the other side of the river. I liked the scene because the hotel was reflected in the water, that appeared beautiful to me and I had to take a photo. To give the hotel credits, it’s the Raddison Blu Senator Hotel. I hope you liked the photo too.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

    1. Thank you. Oh, I see they have relfection as a topic again? I didn’t upload this week either but I bet I still have many photos that would fit. 🙂

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