Beautiful Sky

I shot the photo above in 2016 and I probably didn’t upload it because I have way too many photos, and I can’t upload them at the same time. The photo was shot at 75mm and I was mainly interested to highlight the sunbeams that come down from the dark clouds. The original did look already pretty good, but I boosted the colors and levels a bit to make the sunbeams even pop out further. I also made the clouds a bit darker. I am pretty happy with the result. I hope you like the picture. Continue reading Beautiful Sky

Harbor Area In Lübeck

Fun fact, I have 5200 images that I didn’t upload yet, because taking photos is much easier than preparing or uploading them. At times I should upload older ones. Above you can see a photo I shot in Lübeck near the harbor area. You can see the Trave River in the photo. This is one of the photos where I wondered how it would turn out, I shot the photo after I got my D7100. I believe I was drawn to the colours in the heaven and the reflections in the water. The photo was shot in the morning, during … Continue reading Harbor Area In Lübeck

Half And Half: Heaven And Water Divided By Industrial Architecture

I shot the photo in this post a few weeks ago when I walked a long march to the Schellbruch in Lübeck. Before I arrived, I had to walk along the Trave River and through the industrial area you see in the photo. To be honest, this is a photo I find very attractive. I know, self-praise is no recommendation, but there is so much blue going on in the image that I simply love this scene, there is something I love about this image, it’s all the blue. I also like how the warehouse does cut the heaven and … Continue reading Half And Half: Heaven And Water Divided By Industrial Architecture

Another Hobby I didn´t write about much…

There is another Hobby I pretty much love. Even if I am still not expert in this Area. But it´s fun to learn and to share what I learned. I like not only to play with Photoshop, I do like to play with 3d Software as well. At the Moment I do use Maxon Cinema 4d pretty often. But as I said.. there is still plenty to discover. Above you can see an Imgage I did render a while ago. I developed this Scene somewhat spontaneous. I really didn´t know what to do.. I just played with some Cinema 4d … Continue reading Another Hobby I didn´t write about much…