White Forest Flowers

Six days ago, we already hat perfect summer weather and I went into the small local forests for an hour every day. The whole forest floor changed a lot and is now extremely beautiful. I noticed beautiful white forest flowers by the wayside, the ones that you can see in my photo. I am actually not that sure how often I took a photo of this plant on my way last week, but I know it’ll be enough to annoy you with several single photo posts of this plant in the future. I tried to research the name of the … Continue reading White Forest Flowers

First Signs of Springtime 2013

My mother and me saw the first growing flowers of 2013 yesterday when we walked through downtown of Lübeck. Apart from the first sunbeams we enjoyed, this is a great sign too that Springtime is on the way. I think we have a lack of Vitamin D already and it is great to know that the weather warms up slowly. It was great to see those flowers because they are a sign. Sadly I can´t tell you the name of the flower since I am sadly not a botanist. But maybe you know the name? They are beautiful in the … Continue reading First Signs of Springtime 2013