Somewhere In Reinfeld


Here is a photo I have taken somewhere outside of Reinfeld, and you can even see the town in the background. I’d say the place is very beautiful, but I am actually not that sure anymore if I ever want to visit the place again if the worst case occurs, now that my uncle’s diagnosis changed. I try not to think too much about the future, but it’s not easy to put these thoughts aside. I am really not sure if I will connect this place with bad or good feelings in the future, I am really not sure. My uncle doesn’t like long hikes, not all people do like long hikes, but I was always happy when I could convince him to walk at least along the pond. I’d like to convince him again before we move his household to his new apartment in Lübeck in a few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Somewhere In Reinfeld

    1. I hope that too, I hope the place will be connected with positive memories only, and not with the negative aspects like the diagnosis and so.

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