Black-Headed Gull With Winter Plumage

Black-headed gull

Above you can see a gull, I had to research what kind of gull it is, but I believe it might be a black-headed gull. But the gull in my picture is not black-headed, that confused me when I researched, but it seems their plumage does change depending on the season and if they are breeding or non-breeding. So, if I am right with my research, the gull in my photo is a black-headed gull with winter plumage. You can find a couple of photos in a Wikipedia entry that shows the different plumage appearance. The site All About Birds has a nice entry too, click on the link and you find different photos too.

5 thoughts on “Black-Headed Gull With Winter Plumage

  1. It was interesting to compare the Wikipedia entry with the one for silver gulls the most common type here. I was having fish and chips on the Hobart waterfront yesterday and was surrounded by them. I used to enjoy feeding seagulls but the vendors have put up signs asking people not to so I didn’t. I think this has made the birds more agressive as when I sat down to eat they crowded round me, one even landing on me briefly. Never had that happen before. They would used to wait more or less politely knowing they would get a chip or two.

    1. Wow, the Australian silver gull looks extremely similar to the one in my photo. Haha, yea, I think they are used to it that people feed them, and it seems now when people don’t do this anymore in your area, the gulls are hopping mad 😀

      Here at the waterfront, especially outside of Lübeck and in Travemünde, the gulls don’t wait politely either, they grab what they can, they don’t ask for it.. I wrote a post about this in 2013, you can see some example photos there how the husband of my mother had to defend his bratwurst bun:

      That was quite funny, or not, because I guess the birds don’t care how much a bratwurst bun costs in Travemünde, everything is more expensive there because it’s a tourist area, and such a bun can cost up to 6 Euro there, threefold as much as usual.. 😀 But well, it was still a funny moment 😀

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