Black-Headed Gull Landing In The Water

Above you can see a bird landing in the water and I think it is a Black-Headed Gull. Their appearance is tricky, because they look different depending on the age, if they are female or male, and depending on the season because they can be in winter plumage. In my photo collection of black-headed gulls, you can see how they always look different. Also with the Google image search you can see the difference appearances. If you like, you can find more bird photos on my blog. Continue reading Black-Headed Gull Landing In The Water

Adult Black-Headed Gull In Winter Plumage

Above you can see a picture that I shot weeks ago, it’s a gull. I used my 70-300mm Tamron lens and cropped the picture even further because I wanted people to pay attention to the head, mainly because I like the beautiful red/black beak. Apart from that, I generally like close-up shots because that allows us to see some details. It’s very easy to say that this bird is a gull, but if you are interested to find out what kind of gull it is, the identification can be tricky for beginning bird photographers. The thing is, black-headed gulls can … Continue reading Adult Black-Headed Gull In Winter Plumage

A Young Black-Headed Gull

Yesterday I went outside to hike a bit, because the weather was good except that it was still a bit dark and cloudy. But the day seemed to be much warmer and not too cold, which means hiking was enjoyable. However, it was a hike inside the city and along the Trave Channel and Trave River. Of course I had my camera with me, but there was nothing out of the ordinary so that I did end up taking photos of common birds like gulls. I guess photography is a bit like hunting, you need your trophy when you go … Continue reading A Young Black-Headed Gull

Black-Headed Gull With Winter Plumage

Above you can see a gull, I had to research what kind of gull it is, but I believe it might be a black-headed gull. But the gull in my picture is not black-headed, that confused me when I researched, but it seems their plumage does change depending on the season and if they are breeding or non-breeding. So, if I am right with my research, the gull in my photo is a black-headed gull with winter plumage. You can find a couple of photos in a Wikipedia entry that shows the different plumage appearance. The site All About Birds … Continue reading Black-Headed Gull With Winter Plumage