A Young Black-Headed Gull

Black-Headed Gull

Yesterday I went outside to hike a bit, because the weather was good except that it was still a bit dark and cloudy. But the day seemed to be much warmer and not too cold, which means hiking was enjoyable. However, it was a hike inside the city and along the Trave Channel and Trave River. Of course I had my camera with me, but there was nothing out of the ordinary so that I did end up taking photos of common birds like gulls. I guess photography is a bit like hunting, you need your trophy when you go home, just that it’s about photos in our case. The photo that you can see in this post was shot yesterday, it’s a gull, to be more exact, probably a young black-headed gull. I like the photo because I could get close at 300mm, and didn’t have to do a lot of cropping during post-processing.

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