Eurasian Blackcap

It’s been a while since I uploaded a bird photo, so, here we go! I saw this bird photo in my library, it’s a Eurasian blackcap bird (Sylvia atricapilla). I already showed you one in the past. The current photo is not perfect due to the distracting tree branches and the blurry bottom of the image. But it’s also not a photo I would want to delete because you can still make the bird out. I hope you like the photo nonetheless. Continue reading Eurasian Blackcap

Blue Peafowl

Here is a photo of a Blue Peafowl (Pavo cristatus). I shot the photo in 2016 when I lived in Reinfeld for a while. The photo looks quite abstract, of course, because it’s a close-up photo of a quite eccentric-looking bird. The photo is not so sharp because it was shot directly through a wire fence and that is also why it looks a little bit foggy. But I still like the photo. Continue reading Blue Peafowl

Diamond Firetail Finches

The two cute birds in the picture above tested my Google skills today. I saw them in a pretty large birdcage in a forest during my time in Reinfeld. In the same cage there were Australian zebra finches according to a sign near the cage. But the birds in the photo of this posts looked different and there was no sign for them, and that made me wonder. But I forgot about that because I didn’t upload the image back then. Anyway, the question came up again today when I started to edit the image. I still have a photo … Continue reading Diamond Firetail Finches

White Duck

Here is a photo of a white duck. I saw it in a local pond and I’ve read that white ducks aren’t common outside. So, it is most likely a breed of domestic duck, probably escaped. The photo was shot at 1/1600 sec, which was fast enough to get the wing flap in the photo. This is a photo where I didn’t feel the need to edit, except that I increased sharpness because I shot RAW. I also cropped quite a bit to get even closer but that was all. Everything else was fine in my opinion. Continue reading White Duck

Parus major

Above is a photo that I shot today and I am pretty happy with it. I was able to crop the image heavily, but it still looked ok. The image was shot with my Tamron 70-300mm lens and I was kinda close but with the cropping during post-processing I could come up with the result above. In Germany we call the bird “Kohlmeise” but the English name is kinda funny because you guys call the bird “great tit” but the scientific name is “Parus major”. I am pretty proud because my bird photo collection grew a lot over time. I … Continue reading Parus major