Diamond Firetail Finches

Diamond Firetail Finches

The two cute birds in the picture above tested my Google skills today. I saw them in a pretty large birdcage in a forest during my time in Reinfeld. In the same cage there were Australian zebra finches according to a sign near the cage. But the birds in the photo of this posts looked different and there was no sign for them, and that made me wonder. But I forgot about that because I didn’t upload the image back then. Anyway, the question came up again today when I started to edit the image. I still have a photo of the sign that was near the cage, but I still didn’t believe that the two birds in the picture above would be Asuralian zebra finches as well. I thought, finches yes, but I had to find out what type of finches. I asked Google and it took me an half hour to find the answer by describing appearance. The birds in the picture are diamond firetail finches (Stagonopleura guttata) and they’re also Australian birds. I think these are some very beautiful finches, and the name is pretty interesting as well and absolutely fits!


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