sailing ship

I took this photo when I walked through the Schellbruch area. I like this area not just because of nature and all the birds you can find there. I do also like it because you can watch boats coming from Travemünde to Lübeck or the other way around. For example, the sailing ship you see in the picture is on its way to Travemünde.

3 thoughts on “Sailing

    1. Not this type. I’ve never been on sailing boats but I’ve been on motorboats or cruise ships. The latter was the case when we went to Denmark with a big ship.

      1. It must be exciting to sail on a boat like this, but I am not that physically fit to manage to do it. Hahaha! :)))

        I haven’t been on a cruise ship yet. Perhaps one day, I would board one just to enjoy the luxury it offers while traveling across the great seas. 🙂

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