This is incredibly tasty, we call it “Rettich” in Germany. I actually tried to translate it but found out it is called “radish” in English, which is strange. Why? Because it seems the same word is used for another type of vegetables, the one we call Radieschen. I have no clue why “Radieschen” and “Rettich” are both called “radish” in English. Yes, they taste similar but they look very different. How do you distinguish if someone sends you to purchase “radish”?


8 thoughts on “Rettich

  1. I’ve never seen a radish like that, it looks more like a carrot. the radishes I’m familiar with are more like red bulbs, but they are so good!

  2. I don’t think we have the red-bulb radishes that you have. Here in my country, I am only seeing the “rettiche” you’re referring to in this picture. We call it “labanos” here. 😊

      1. Now that you said it, I checked the Spanish word for „labanos“ – „rábano.“ My native tongue has a lot of Spanish heritage in it, with my country being a former Spanish colony. 🙂

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