Footbridge in Bad Oldesloe

Here is a photo I took in Bad Oldesloe. While the colors of the original looked great, I didn’t like the heavy lens flare. I went through a couple of black and white settings until I found a vintage one that did hide most of the lens flare very well. On top of that, it transformed the photo in a very positive way. The reason why I shot the photo was that I liked the arch of the bridge from my point of view. Together with the housing in the background and the stairs, it just made me want to … Continue reading Footbridge in Bad Oldesloe

Brenner Moor

I shot the picture above in Bad Oldesloe, a town between L├╝beck and Hamburg. I took the photo in an area called “Brenner Moor”. By the way, “Moor” means “swamp” in English. The area is a nature reserve and as the name implies, it’s a swampy area, a salt marsh to be more exact. In this case that means salt that comes from 500 meters below is reaching the surface. In some spots there is a salinity equally high as the salinity in the North Sea. This means the area attracted plants that would otherwise only grow in coastal areas. … Continue reading Brenner Moor

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge has the motto curve. Recently we had a lot of rainy days and that means I didn’t take a lot of new photos, but since I have a huge backlog of non-uploaded photos, I can still contribute to the challenge. The photo in this post was shot when I visited Bad Oldesloe, they have a lot of curved footbridges so that the Trave River can be crossed. By the way, you can find the same bridge in the photo in another post I uploaded some time ago. The currently uploaded photo was taken at the … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

Some Bad Oldesloe Photos

As I mentioned, I’ve been in Bad Oldesloe yesterday to take some photos and to enjoy my day. I thought I show you some of my photos. As I mentioned as well, the Trave River is flowing there too, and as you see in the image above, they have some beautiful footbridges there, and beautiful buildings. Here are three more pictures, I will upload more over time… Continue reading Some Bad Oldesloe Photos

Trip to Bad Oldesloe, Local Newspaper, Nature and Good Weather

Some weeks ago I thought spring weather would start, but then we had again several days in a row with really bad weather. Today was different, I woke up early in the morning with no tasks, I looked out of the window and I saw already a blue heaven and sunshine at 9am. I didn’t think a lot, I just started to pack my camera bag. Spontaneously, I got the idea to do a trip to Bad Oldesloe. I’ve never seen a lot of this town, I’ve been there, but only one time, it was the time when I was … Continue reading Trip to Bad Oldesloe, Local Newspaper, Nature and Good Weather