Some Bad Oldesloe Photos

Bad Oldesloe Trave River And Bridges

As I mentioned, I’ve been in Bad Oldesloe yesterday to take some photos and to enjoy my day. I thought I show you some of my photos. As I mentioned as well, the Trave River is flowing there too, and as you see in the image above, they have some beautiful footbridges there, and beautiful buildings. Here are three more pictures, I will upload more over time…

7 thoughts on “Some Bad Oldesloe Photos

    1. I liked the place too, especially those small bridges and the architecture 🙂 And somehow, the people in Bad Oldesloe are very talkative, I was surprised.

  1. Thank you. Love the pictures.

    I was born in Bad Oldesloe in 1947 but unfortunately know nothing about this town!

    I came to England as a baby with my parents – mother German and father English!

    Kind regards,

    Chris Raines

    1. Wow, that is an interesting story. I sometimes wonder if there is more about sharing photos apart from the artistic side of capturing and showing things we’ve seen. But your comment made me realize some people might look for explicit places because they have a background story like you, like being born at a place.

      Bad Oldesloe is a very beautiful small town. They have many small footbridges like these..

      Makes it a nice place to walk around. They also have a nature reserve called “Brenner Moor”, it’s basically a march and you can walk through it because they laid wooden pathes through it. Lots of birds there, which is the main reason I go there sometimes…

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