Timmendorfer Strand-Niendorf

At the top, you see the harbor of a small place called Niendorf in Timmendorfer-Strand. It smells like fish there, not just because of the small fish shops but also because the fishing cutter come in there and unload their fishes. I think I have a photo of the fish shops somewhere and I will upload that too in the future. In the photo at the top, you only see a part of the marina.

5 thoughts on “Niendorf

    1. I do too. But in that case not so much during summer. Due to the nearby beach of Timmendorfer-Strand, the small town will be flooded with tourists during the summer months too. So, the whole calm atmosphere is only there during spring or autumn or when it’s raining in summer. Nothing against tourists, I just don’t like masses of people… it’s stress for me. I like these places more when the tourist season is over.

    1. Yes, it is, especially during spring or autumn. 🙂 Not so much in summer because then there are thousands of tourists and the place or the surroundings are much more busy, especially the beaches.

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