Swimming With My Mother

Just a regular diary entry here, but I wanted to mention that I enjoyed the day. I planned to go swimming again but I asked my mother if she would like to swim some laps in the local indoor swimming pool too. Back in the past she was in a swimming club and mentioned that she always enjoyed the water. That’s a long time ago, but I heard her saying that she would like to go swimming too. So, when I asked her today, she spontaneously said yes and we went there. My mother did swim a bit more than 20 laps, like I did a couple of days ago. I noticed that I had more power compared to days before, and I ended up swimming about 35 laps if I counted right, that’s already three quarters of a kilometer since every lap is 25 meters.

Indoor Swimming Pool
Brisbane Aquatic Centre. Photo shot and released by Kgbo under CC BY-SA 4.0 licence. Work remixed by Diary of Dennis under same license.

I jumped a couple of times from the 1 meter springboard, but then they opened the 3 meter springboard. It’s a long time ago since I did that, but I totally wanted to do it again. First I jumped straight into the water. But then I wondered if I still could do a header from 3 meters. I didn’t think a lot, I just went up there, took a run and jumped on the board and flew head first into the water. I didn’t know how that looked like, but my mother said it looked like practiced. Maybe there are things you can’t unlearn. I felt like 20 again, it’s one of the things that never get old, because it’s fun. I even tried a flip but from the 1 meter springboard, and of course my spine did hit the water first, it didn’t work well (laugh). But I never really did flips well, I like headers more.

We’ve been over two hours in the indoor swimming pool, it crazy how time runs if you have fun. Outside we felt completely energized. My mother said “I’m feeling great, I think we should do this more often!” and I replied “Well, I actually want to do this two times a week, you can join whenever you want!”. Not sure why I forgot about swimming sport, it’s fun and works so well as an alternative if you don’t want to go running, for example because your bones hurt, or because of aching muscles. When you have pain in the legs because of the too regular running, the problems disappear in the water, because the legs won’t have to carry your body. It’s an amazing alternative for days like that. It’s also great when you discover activities again that you liked so much a decade ago. It was a great day again.


2 thoughts on “Swimming With My Mother

    1. When I was there for the first time again, I told my mother and she mentioned that it would be a thing for her too. She sometimes had problems with her back, and she knows swimming can do wonders. And I said “Since the water carries you, it’s not as painful as running”. Also, I’m at the moment preaching in my family and friend circle that you don’t have to be a sports- ace, but even a bit of exercise, like a bit of swimming can make you feel very good. Like energized good.

      I will continue to do both, running and swimming. But I like it if people want to join me at least with the swimming. In two days a friend will join, and my mother might come with us too if we don’t go too late.

      What was also cool, was that when my mother needed a break, she started to count how much time I need for 25 meters. It was 25 seconds… not really good compared to the fast strangers that did it (as it seemed) in half of the time, but I’m interested to see if I will be faster in a couple of weeks or months too. But overall I keep it slow, just a few laps I try to push myself.

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