Beautiful Duck

Beautiful Duck

I do already have quite a lot of duck photos, but I always like to take new ones because they are both, beautiful and a nice subject to practice and experiment with photography. Because most of the time they aren’t really hectic in the water, and that makes it possible to practice framing. In the case of the photo in my post, I tried to get a shot at eye level. I wasn’t really at eye level, I was standing on a bridge but with my Tamron 70-300mm lens, I can give the impression that I am at eye level when I am at 300mm. I think this is my best duck photo so far, and that’s what I like about photography, you can go through your own library and feature out why you like one of your own images more than others. This is why I think, you never have enough photos of certain subjects, because every photo is practicing and experiencing photography. I think the duck is a female mallard.

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