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I Don’t Know This Bird

Two hours before Germany would play against Mexico, I didn’t know what to do with my time. I decided to go outside, walking around with my camera. I shot a couple of bird photos, but one photo was difficult because there were branches in front of the bird. I shot the photo anyway, and I had difficulties to tell what type of bird it would be. I thought I could see it better at home on my PC screen, but I was wrong. Yes, I can see the image now in large, but I am still not sure what type of bird it is.

Due to the grey feathers, the body almost made me think that it is a dove, but I am confused about the head. Because this is not how a pigeon head looks like. Also it didn’t make pigeon sounds. I am confused. Also I am not sure if the bird is ok, maybe it’s taking a sun bath, or the bird is not healthy but exhausted. I have no idea. Here is the photo…


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