Common Blackbird

Not much to say about the photo above, apart from the fact that it is a Common Blackbird. We have them everywhere flying around in our districts. Currently I do more sports than hiking, and when I just roam around in our city districts, I shoot more common photos, like common birds, cats and stuff like that. Two days ago I was running again and was totally mad when I saw this grey heron with a fish between the beak. Of course I don’t have a camera with me when I go run. But maybe I shouldn’t complain, because I … Continue reading Common Blackbird

Common Blackbird Picture

I did already upload several common blackbird photos to my blog, but here is another one. I really didn’t like the highlights in the background, which is why I partly reduced vibrance and highlights. I did also decrease saturation of the blue colour to make the heaven highlights in the background even less apparent. Then I used the adjustment brush to reduce the contrast, exposure and saturation on the tree branch to shift the focus away from it. For the bird I used another adjustment brush to brighten the plumage and to show a little bit of detail. As I … Continue reading Common Blackbird Picture

Blackbird 300mm Test Photo Under Bad Conditions

Above you can see a cropped image of a 300mm test shot I did take under bad weather conditions with my new 70-300mm Tamron lens. It was pretty cloudy, the ISO was bumped up to 1600, which is why the image is grainy even after using the noise reduction tool in Lightroom. Of course, the cropping makes the high ISO more apparent, but without editing it looked worse. Below I will show you the image without crop, and after that I will show you the image without crop and without changes in Lightroom. As said, the image was shot at … Continue reading Blackbird 300mm Test Photo Under Bad Conditions

Common Blackbird Photo

It’s some weeks ago when I took the photo you see in this post, I actually thought that I need to delete the image. The photo was bad as I couldn’t zoom in enough to show the bird but today I noticed that the photo was sharp enough even after cropping with Photoshop. The result is that I can now basically show you the photo as if I would have had a tele lens on my camera. I think the bird should be a common blackbird, they have orange beaks and orange rings around the eyes. Continue reading Common Blackbird Photo