Common Blackbird Photo

Common blackbird

It’s some weeks ago when I took the photo you see in this post, I actually thought that I need to delete the image. The photo was bad as I couldn’t zoom in enough to show the bird but today I noticed that the photo was sharp enough even after cropping with Photoshop.

The result is that I can now basically show you the photo as if I would have had a tele lens on my camera. I think the bird should be a common blackbird, they have orange beaks and orange rings around the eyes.

6 thoughts on “Common Blackbird Photo

  1. I love the contrast between the black and the bright green. It is nice and sharp too. Black birds are hard to shoot. I haven’t had any of my blackbird photos turn out well enough to share. I’ll keep trying though!

    1. I am always happy if I notice the image is sharp enough to get closer to the subject by cropping a part of the image. I often don’t have luck either but I just start out with DSLR photography and it’s as you said, we must keep trying a lot to gather experience. At the moment I often don’t know what I am doing (that will most likely change), I am just happy if I find decent photos on my SD card. 🙂

      1. I don’t know what I’m doing a lot of the time either. I was just shooting snapshots with a point and shoot camera until this past January when I bought my Sony a5000 to learn on. I’ve learned a lot, but I often forget most of what I’ve learned when I’m out taking photos! Practicing frequently is helping though.

      2. Haha, yea then we both just started the same way. I took all of my pictures with a point and shoot and smartphone camera until I got the new camera. Yep, I think we will get much better over time 🙂

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