Common Blackbird Close-Up

Common Blackbird (Amsel)

Here is a photo of a common blackbird again. I could get quite close with my Tamron 70-300mm lens, but I cropped the image to get even closer. The image quality didn’t suffer too much, I like how it turned out. It’s interesting, because you would think they always look the same, and they basically do, but since I shot many photos of common blackbirds, I start to notice differences. Yeah, they are black, but the body shape is often very different, or the feather tone can vary or the length of the beak for example. The bird in the photo above does even have brownish plumage if you ask me. The name implies it right, they are very common, at least in my area, but I still like to take photos of the common blackbirds.


4 thoughts on “Common Blackbird Close-Up

  1. That is bizarre… I just posted pics of the Grackle Fledges that have been entertaining me for past 3 days!…. check it out

      1. My message went haywire… what I was saying was, that the grackle is a black bird native to urban east northern America areas

        1. Hehe, I was wondering what the comment meant 😀 Yes, I did a quick google and found a map on Wikipedia that shows what you say.

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