Beautiful Grey Heron

Since I started to run, I always try to run routes where I can see a bit of nature. Yesterday when I was running again, I noticed a grey heron and I was a bit mad that I did not have my camera with me. When I was in Reinfeld back then I noticed that grey herons often come back to the same ponds. So, with that in mind I packed my camera bag and wanted to hike the same route that I did run yesterday. I was quite happy when I saw the grey heron again, but this time I had my camera with me of course. Looks like our nature protections works really well, this is one of the birds that you would not have seen very often a decade ago, especially not in the city, but today I see them more often. I shot more photos and recorded a video as well but I will upload the stuff at a later point. Anyway, here are some older photos of grey herons.

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