Beautiful Grey Heron

Since I started to run, I always try to run routes where I can see a bit of nature. Yesterday when I was running again, I noticed a grey heron and I was a bit mad that I did not have my camera with me. When I was in Reinfeld back then I noticed that grey herons often come back to the same ponds. So, with that in mind I packed my camera bag and wanted to hike the same route that I did run yesterday. I was quite happy when I saw the grey heron again, but this time … Continue reading Beautiful Grey Heron

Grey Heron In A Beautiful Forest Pond

I shot way too many photos during my stay in Reinfeld. I stayed there from winter over spring to the summer, and it was really fantastic to see how everything changed in the course of the seasons. The winter was ok but when the colors of the spring showed up it became even more interesting, and the start of the summer was pretty awesome there. In retrospect, I would say that Reinfeld is a very beautiful place, especially in the warmer seasons. The photo in this post was shot when summer started. I was hiking through one of the forests … Continue reading Grey Heron In A Beautiful Forest Pond

Blurry Flying Gray Heron Photo

Here is yet another photo that I shot during my time in Reinfeld. I am back in L├╝beck for a while, and I do already miss the morning hikes through the nature with all the birds, but it’s now more important to be close to the hospital. Talking about the photo in this post, I tried to take a picture when I saw this flying gray heron, and the result is not too bad, but sadly too blurry as I had to crop a lot. Anyway, the subject is still recognizable, which is why I like the photo anyhow. Continue reading Blurry Flying Gray Heron Photo

Hidden Gray Heron

Sometimes when I walk around the pond called Herrenteich in Reinfeld, I see Gray Herons, it’s just not easy to take photos of them. The large pond is divided by a footbridge, and it separates the pond in two areas. So, one pond side is a natural reserve and walkers can only view it from the bridge and a couple of other spots, but overall the area is well shielded by plants and trees, and this is intentional so that the animals and nature is protected there. The photo in this post is shot from one of the few spots … Continue reading Hidden Gray Heron