Things Have Changed

Things in our world are changing, sometimes we just don’t notice how fast this is happening. Of course, we all can see that, we can remind back to see how it was then and how it is now, but imagine how big the impression must be for someone who was isolated from our society for a very long time.

I found a video of a man with a very interesting perspective, he talks about his life after 44 years in prison, he shares his impression about how things changed, it almost seems as if he stepped out into an alien world…

Although he was convicted of a major crime back then, and without knowing much about his case, I do feel sorry for him anyhow, also I do hope that he takes the chance to reintegrate into the society.

I wonder if he will ever fully comprehend the outside world, there is so much time wasted and so much things happened, it really shows how difficult reintegration might be for many. While they probably can watch TV news or read newspaper in the prison, it’s not enough to keep track with the outside world.

I don’t want to excuse criminals, we need prisons, this video just made me thinking that there are people who want to take the second chance, but that there are difficulties to overcome, because they do literally re-enter a world, a world that has changed a lot.

I am not sure, but the guy in the video probably learned his lesson, I am still sad that so much time of his life was wasted, but I hope he is serious about what he said…

“You know you’ve got to let things go because holding on to anger will only stagnate your growth and developement, I let that go and deal with the future instead of dealing with the past. I try not to go backward, I try to go forward”

4 thoughts on “Things Have Changed

  1. 44 years…. it is a very long time of course… A life… it is almost a life time… I can understand his feelings after all these years… Thank you dear Dennis, love, nia

  2. It is not necessary to be in prison for years to see how things have changed. I have lived a long life, now in my late 70s. I came to the U.S. in 1960 from Italy. I am constantly shocked and worried about the changes that have taken place especially in the USA where I continue to live. I have a feeling that things have not changed as much in Europe. I follow French and Italian TV and newspapers which give me a sense of what has changed in Europe. It is not as much as here in this very violent country and it is really shocking. Be glad Dennis that you live in Germany and not in the U.S. !

    1. We have a lot of bad changes in Germany too, we are on the best way to US conditions when it comes to violence. Germany becomes a more and more violent country as our politicians are insane. However, we probably have much different problems, and if I would go into full details, I would most likely shock you. Germany isn’t the country anymore where I want to get old, I would leave the country tomorrow if I would have the money and no family or friends. Most people I know are not happy here anymore, but it’s not only related to violence but also related to living standard and many more things.

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