Beautiful Swan

Beautiful Swan

Last week I decided to grab my camera and went outside to see if I can take some new photos. I didn’t want to walk miles and decided to walk to one of the ponds in our parks.

I noticed right away that it’s a little bit more difficult to take decent photos in autumn, especially when it’s so cloudy, but I went back home with some good bird photos. I saw some swans and shot several photos, you can see one of them in this post.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Swan

  1. Beautiful swan! I haven’t been able to photograph the swans here yet this fall, at least not close enough to get anything more than a white dot in the distance. When I was searching for them, I also found that cloudy autumn days make it hard to get decent photos.

    1. This swan came close to me, then I zoomed and the shot was ok… but all other birds were hard to photograph, my lens is not so fast when it’s dark, it’s really difficult then, especially with fast moving subjects.

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