Very Beautiful Swan

I am still not in the mood to go hiking, mainly because it was bitter cold outside over the last days. But I was pretty slow with my blog this month, and I really don’t want to get used to the laziness and looked through my photo library to see if I can at least share some older photos. I found a photo of a white swan, and while I do already have similar photos on my blog, I thought this one was worth to upload too. I hope you like the photo. Continue reading Very Beautiful Swan

Curious Robin

Today was more sunshine, it’s not too dark anymore, but still a little bit cloudy. Anyway, I thought I go out for a short hike and to take some pictures. I saw small birds again, and today they seemed to be a little bit more relaxed. You know, birds like to fly from one branch to another, and that makes it difficult to get a nice photo, but today that was easier. The Robin in the photo of this post for example did let me come close, I was only 2 meters away, and then I used the 300mm of … Continue reading Curious Robin

Running Up A Tree

It seems I shot a photo of an Eurasian treecreeper, that’s at least what I found out during my research and when I compared the results with my photo. I saw this kind of bird quite often since I am in Reinfeld. I usually see them near the pond at the trees, and it almost looks like they run up trees. If my research is right, then it would fit, because the German name for the Eurasian treecreeper is “Waldbaumläufer”, which means something like “Forest Tree Runner”, literally translated. As said, they really run up trees, and I wouldn’t even … Continue reading Running Up A Tree

Beautiful Swan

Last week I decided to grab my camera and went outside to see if I can take some new photos. I didn’t want to walk miles and decided to walk to one of the ponds in our parks. I noticed right away that it’s a little bit more difficult to take decent photos in autumn, especially when it’s so cloudy, but I went back home with some good bird photos. I saw some swans and shot several photos, you can see one of them in this post. Continue reading Beautiful Swan