Curious Robin


Today was more sunshine, it’s not too dark anymore, but still a little bit cloudy. Anyway, I thought I go out for a short hike and to take some pictures. I saw small birds again, and today they seemed to be a little bit more relaxed. You know, birds like to fly from one branch to another, and that makes it difficult to get a nice photo, but today that was easier. The Robin in the photo of this post for example did let me come close, I was only 2 meters away, and then I used the 300mm of my tele lens and took the photo. The bird seemed to be very curious about me and my camera.

Before I shot the photo of this post, I shot photos with every step I came closer, just in case the bird would fly away and I would miss a shot. When I was 2 meters close, I noticed that my Tamron lens did start to hunt for the focus, it tried to get the branches in focus but not the bird, and I decided to focus manually. However, this means I had to trust my eyes and that I would focus correctly through the viewfinder. The result was a blurry photo, but I could fix it a little bit with the sharpening slider in Lightroom. I wish the photo would be a little bit more crisp, but it’s not too bad now.

Maybe I shouldn’t be that close at 300mm, maybe the lens needs some distance at 300mm to get the subject in focus, or I really just didn’t focus well manually. But as said, I still like the photo, and apart from that, it’s practicing and having fun with the camera. I might upload the photos where I was a little bit more far away, because they are super sharp, but I want to see how they look like if I crop a little bit, that is something I will check out.

6 thoughts on “Curious Robin

    1. Hehe, yes. the Robin watched me with every step. I am sure it would have flown away if I would have gone one step further. I am glad the Robin did let me take that shot. I went away and it was still sitting on the same branch. But for some reason the birds have been more relaxed today.

    1. I find the American robin quite cute, but I believe we always find things more interesting that we don’t see everyday. So, I do understand you 🙂

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