Eurasian Blackcap

It’s been a while since I uploaded a bird photo, so, here we go! I saw this bird photo in my library, it’s a Eurasian blackcap bird (Sylvia atricapilla). I already showed you one in the past. The current photo is not perfect due to the distracting tree branches and the blurry bottom of the image. But it’s also not a photo I would want to delete because you can still make the bird out. I hope you like the photo nonetheless. Continue reading Eurasian Blackcap

Parus major

Above is a photo that I shot today and I am pretty happy with it. I was able to crop the image heavily, but it still looked ok. The image was shot with my Tamron 70-300mm lens and I was kinda close but with the cropping during post-processing I could come up with the result above. In Germany we call the bird “Kohlmeise” but the English name is kinda funny because you guys call the bird “great tit” but the scientific name is “Parus major”. I am pretty proud because my bird photo collection grew a lot over time. I … Continue reading Parus major

European Robin

Today I was hiking because we had sun and it looked a bit like spring. I didn’t take a lot of photos over the winter, instead I uploaded some that I shot previously. Winter can be great and there are some interesting subjects during this time as well, but this winter I was not in the mood to go outside with the camera very often. But the weather was good today and with spontaneity I grabbed my camera and went outside. I shot some photos of birds, including the photo of the European Robin that you see in this post. … Continue reading European Robin

Great Tit Bird Photo

Above you can see a photo of a great tit bird (Parus major). It’s not too difficult to find them where I live. Of course it’s possible to find them in the nature, but sometimes you also spot them in districts of the city. I shot the photo of this bird for example in a town near a front yard of a house. They are often in gardens. Anyway, since they are tiny, it’s sometimes still a challenge to find out where the bird call comes from. By the way, I found a YouTube video of the great tit call, … Continue reading Great Tit Bird Photo