A Small Nuthatch Bird On A Tree

Here is a small gallery of some photos that I shot during my time in Reinfeld. I saw this cute bird walking up and down on a tree, and later I found out that it was a Nuthatch. The photos are not really great, you can still see the bird but I mean the photos are not of great quality. At that time I was still not good when it came to moving subjects, and I guess I was a bit hectic and afraid to miss the shot and did just press the shutter button. Also I was not good in focussing at that time, I improved my focussing later. Anyway, the photos are still some kind of a trophy, because when you got some photos of a special bird, it feels great.

4 thoughts on “A Small Nuthatch Bird On A Tree

  1. i observe and photo graph certain birds as well… they always make me think about and imagine where they go and where they live after they live my feeder. they always encourage thought…

    1. Yes, that’s really difficult with the small birds… especially because it’s difficult because of the branches that often block the view.

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