Great Tit Bird Photo

Above you can see a photo of a great tit bird (Parus major). It’s not too difficult to find them where I live. Of course it’s possible to find them in the nature, but sometimes you also spot them in districts of the city. I shot the photo of this bird for example in a town near a front yard of a house. They are often in gardens. Anyway, since they are tiny, it’s sometimes still a challenge to find out where the bird call comes from. By the way, I found a YouTube video of the great tit call, … Continue reading Great Tit Bird Photo

Eurasian Magpie

Here is a photo that I shot during my time in Reinfeld. You can see an Eurasian magpie (Pica pica), also known as common magpie according to Wikipedia. I shot the bird through the window glass, as I was standing in the living room. We tricked the bird a little bit, because my uncle and me were aware of the magpie nests on the other street side, and we had this glorious idea to throw some pieces of toast bread on the car port roof. This worked well, because we went back inside and I did set up my camera … Continue reading Eurasian Magpie

Common Chaffinch On A Branch

Above you can see a photo of a Common Chaffinch. I believe I shot the photo at the same day when I recorded a video of a Common Chaffinch, it’s probably even the same bird but shot in another perspective. Sometimes it can be challenging to take photos of birds, especially if they are not at eye level, which is why the perspective of the photo in this post is not so good. Anyway, the photo is also not too bad, and I wanted to have the photo in my collection of bird photos. Continue reading Common Chaffinch On A Branch

Here Is Another Pretty Bird

As I take more photos than I can publish at a time, I thought that I upload one that I shot two months ago. I found this bird in March on a tree, it should be a great tit (Parus major). This bird is pretty too, and I saw the bird quite often on my hikes, but most of the images I shot were not good enough to upload. However, the two photos in this post are ok, because you can see the bird well. I didn’t crop the image nor did I edit the image, because I liked the … Continue reading Here Is Another Pretty Bird