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Tag: birds in Germany

Nuthatch bird on a tree

A Small Nuthatch Bird On A Tree

Here is a small gallery of some photos that I shot during my time in Reinfeld. I saw this cute bird walking up and down on a tree, and later […]

Common Chaffinch On A Branch

Above you can see a photo of a Common Chaffinch. I believe I shot the photo at the same day when I recorded a video of a Common Chaffinch, it’s […]

Beautiful Eurasian Blue Tit

Here is another bird photo. It’s some weeks ago when I found this Eurasian blue tit on a branch. It was cloudy and quite dark as you can see in […]

Another Robin

I posted already a Robin today, but I have another photo that I want to share. It’s because I saw several of them today, and I had a little bit […]