Eurasian Blackcap

It’s been a while since I uploaded a bird photo, so, here we go! I saw this bird photo in my library, it’s a Eurasian blackcap bird (Sylvia atricapilla). I already showed you one in the past. The current photo is not perfect due to the distracting tree branches and the blurry bottom of the image. But it’s also not a photo I would want to delete because you can still make the bird out. I hope you like the photo nonetheless. Continue reading Eurasian Blackcap

Common Chaffinch On A Branch

Above you can see a photo of a Common Chaffinch. I believe I shot the photo at the same day when I recorded a video of a Common Chaffinch, it’s probably even the same bird but shot in another perspective. Sometimes it can be challenging to take photos of birds, especially if they are not at eye level, which is why the perspective of the photo in this post is not so good. Anyway, the photo is also not too bad, and I wanted to have the photo in my collection of bird photos. Continue reading Common Chaffinch On A Branch

Here Is Another Pretty Bird

As I take more photos than I can publish at a time, I thought that I upload one that I shot two months ago. I found this bird in March on a tree, it should be a great tit (Parus major). This bird is pretty too, and I saw the bird quite often on my hikes, but most of the images I shot were not good enough to upload. However, the two photos in this post are ok, because you can see the bird well. I didn’t crop the image nor did I edit the image, because I liked the … Continue reading Here Is Another Pretty Bird

White Wagtail On The Footpath

I think I found the white wagtail today. I never had a lot of knowledge about birds, I just knew common birds, but I start to learn more about them since I take photos of the birds I find on my way when I go hiking. Today when I saw this small bird in front of me on the footpath, I thought it would be a young great spotted woodpecker, because they have a similar black and white head as well, but at home I researched more and now I think that the bird in my photo is a white … Continue reading White Wagtail On The Footpath

Beautiful Forest Bird

Today I walked through the forest again and then I saw a bird in the bush, it’s most likely an Eurasian blackcap bird, a male, because the females have an orange cap and not a black one. During my research I also thought it could be a March tit or the Willow tit, but now I am sure it’s the Eurasian blackcap because the others would have a black marking on the chin and there were some other differences. After I nailed it down to the three birds, I asked the Google image search and thought, yeah, this should definitely … Continue reading Beautiful Forest Bird