Very Beautiful Swan


I am still not in the mood to go hiking, mainly because it was bitter cold outside over the last days. But I was pretty slow with my blog this month, and I really don’t want to get used to the laziness and looked through my photo library to see if I can at least share some older photos. I found a photo of a white swan, and while I do already have similar photos on my blog, I thought this one was worth to upload too. I hope you like the photo.


8 thoughts on “Very Beautiful Swan

    1. I do already have many swan photos on my blog, but the reflection was actually one of the reasons why I shot this photo… both just looked cool, the swan and the reflection of it in the water 🙂

        1. Same here. Recently I did rather upload the photos that I shot during summer and spring, and a few that I shot during autumn. I was not much outside with the camera during winter. It’s still quite cold outside, at the moment I prefer to sit inside and play PC games 😀 I do however can’t await spring to go out with the camera again.

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